The Weavers Green originally began as a traditional folk group called The Southern Folk. Playing material in the style of The Seekers, Peter Paul and Mary, The Springfields and similar artists popular during the 1960’s, The Weavers Green gradually evolved into a sophisticated, vocal harmony instrumental trio. And they made quite a name for themselves during the mid 1960’s and early 1970’s.

One of The Weavers Green's PR photos from the late '60'sConsisting of Jane Hugg  - a cousin of Mike Hugg of the popular '60's pop group Manfred Mann and now with The Manfreds - and two brothers, Peter and Patrick Phelan, the diversity of their music was matched by the range of the venues in which they played.

So from their humble beginnings in local folk clubs, The Weavers Green were soon appearing in smart venues both at home and abroad. Over a period of eight years on the road as full time professionals, they could be found playing in most of the the top north of England clubs of the period, smart country clubs, luxury hotels, a wide range of American military bases both in the UK and throughout Europe, together with theatres and cabaret clubs in London’s fashionable West End.

The Weavers Green also appeared as a supporting act to many well known entertainers and household names, including singers Shirley Bassey, Lulu, ventriloquist Ray Alan and Lord Charles and comedian Frank Carson. Well known names were also to be found in their audiences at times. Whilst appearing at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta for example, the group found themselves entertaining comedians Frankie Howard and Ernie Wise - of comedy duo Morcambe & Wise.

When appearing live and performing well known songs made famous by other artists, many groups try to emulate as closely as possible, the style and sound of the original hit song. Some groups even market themselves as a “covers band” to emphasise this fact. By contrast, The Weavers Green’s approach and speciality was to do exactly the opposite!

However well known the song, or the original artist who made it famous, The Weavers Green always brought their own unique interpretation to any song. And you’ll hear this clearly demonstrated on this album which contains well known songs from such singer song writers as Lennon and McCartney, Bob Dylan, Hoagy Carmichael and Donovan.

In addition to bringing their own interpretation to well known songs of the day, the group also included some of their own original material in their live performances. Both Patrick and Jane were prolific song writers and composers and this album features two of Jane’s songs; Mr Pseudo Fabulous and Reminiscing. Patrick’s talents lead him to be in demand as a composer of advertising jingles and theme tunes; he wrote the theme music for the television series “A Summer Place” for example. He continues to write songs in a wide variety of genres today. And markets them via his own music publishing company Phelan Music.

The Weavers Green trio also appeared on radio and national television programs including the popular talent shop window show  “Opportunity Knocks” - the “X factor” show of its day! The group also recorded several “singles” and the album featured here. You can purchase the album in both traditional audio CD format and as a Digital Download, directly from this site. Individual album tracks are available world wide from all the major on line distributors, such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes. You can also buy the album from our sole distributing agent, the well CD Baby in the USA. The individual song tracks are also available for immediate download via them.

Despite being recorded many years ago, long before the advent of computerised music and recording studios, the Weavers Green’s music remains as fresh and polished as it was then.This re-release  of the original 1970 LP record has been transcribed from the original vinyl recordings. We therefore hope you’ll enjoy this selection of well known songs with a unique “Weavers Green” flavour!

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“The Weavers Green” as a trio consisted of Peter Phelan, Jane Hugg and Patrick Phelan. Click the button above to watch a short video that highlights aspects of the group’s work, and which features a medley of songs from their Album; released in 1970. And now available again on CD

Patrick Phelan continues his song writing today and has his own music publishing company Phelan Music.

The original Weavers Green quartet including bass player Sean Balfe promoting their Christmas single record released in 1967 on MGM Records.

The Weavers Green in their final format, after Jane’s brother Nick Hugg joined the group in 1971.

Many years later, Peter, Patrick and Jane are all still involved in the music business in various ways.

Patrick continues to playing his guitars and indeed, the piano. He continues his song writing work too. Indeed, he has recently formed another new music publishing company; Phelan Music, which publishes a variety of material written by himself and his talented musician son Charles.

Jane also continues to write songs; most of them nowadays being of a broadly religious nature. She also continues to sing, play guitar and occasionally perform in a variety of local venues in and around her home town Fareham in Hampshire.

Meanwhile, Peter has forsaken his guitars and has now become one of the leading professional commercial and editorial photographers in the UK. His own dedicated web site for The Imaging Company can be found HERE

However, his musical connection remains strong, since his editorial work has included photographing guitars and musical equipment for a number of UK music magazines..

And although he no longer performs professionally, building upon his early classical piano training, Peter is now an accomplished amateur electronic keyboard player.

Not content with all this, he also designed and produced the new Weavers Green album artwork, seen on the right. He also designed and built this web site along with the design, editing and production of the video shown here too!

The Weavers Green: Both Sides Now

Individual album tracks are available world wide from all the major on line distributors, such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes.

You can also buy the album from well known distributor CD Baby in the USA. The individual song tracks are also available for immediate download via them.

What some of our purchasers are saying:

“Still sounding great …

This is an outstanding CD that defies the fact that it was originally recorded over 40 years ago ... it just goes to prove that good music never goes out of style”

“Familiar songs, with a new sound, but a sound that is as comfortable, relaxing, and easy to listen to - actively, or absently in the background - as the original.

WG has a great feel overall, and brings back the best elements of the music I love from the time period, including that feeling that the world is/was a simpler and less stressful place.”

Please note that as stated above, copyright restrictions prevent us from making the song previews or video content on songs other than our own material, longer than 30 seconds, but we hope these will provide sufficient of a “taster” for you to appreciate the quality of the material.

However, if you have any questions about the The Weavers Green, the album, CD or digital downloads, please contact Peter Phelan via the Contact Page.

Interested in music from the 1960’s and 1970’s? …
Here’s a talented trio from that era, with their own unique treatment of some old favourites!

The new CD version of The Weavers Green's album has an attractive high gloss finish sleeve

“The Weavers Green” Album

The player below lists all twelve songs on the album and provides a short preview of each track. These are of deliberately lower audio quality for web use and, to comply with copyright restrictions, are only 30 seconds in duration. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

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